Getting Around - Navigating 4aGoodCause | 4aGoodCause

Getting Around - Navigating 4aGoodCause

Below is a quick tour of the links available in your 4aGoodCause account.

Left Menu

1. Donations - A report containing all your donations from all campaigns. You may download your donation data from this area. 

2. Registrations - A report containing your event orders and registrations from all campaigns. You can download your registration data from this area. 

3. Donors - A report containing the contact information of all your online donors and customers.

4. Revenue - A report that shows the total dollars transacted through 4aGoodCause over a date range.

5. Campaigns - Where you will create and manage your fundraising campaigns and the pages that support them. You can also view donation and registration reports for each campaign. 

6. Payment Gateways - Where you configure your connection to your payment gateway.  

7. Gift Designations - Maintain a list of the gift designations donors can give to. You can apply any designation from your list to a campaign as you create it. 

8. Notification Emails - Maintain a list of the email addresses of your staff that should be alerted as transactions happen. You can apply any email from your list to a campaign as you create it. 

9. Nonprofit Users - Come here to add or remove persons that need access to your 4aGoodCause account. 

10. Fundraiser Pages - Manage the fundraising pages created by the public on your behalf. You can also access a donation report for each fundraiser page. 

11. Fundraiser Users - A report containing the name and email address of persons that have created fundraising pages for you. 

Top Right Menu

1. Account - Update your password or configure some global information about your nonprofit. 

2. Help - A link to this help knowledgebase. 

3. Feedback- A survey to tell us what you think about our product or customer service. You can also send us feedback directly at  

4. Logout - Signs you out of your account.